ALTINVESTAM is an independent capital markets boutique with long-standing expertise, strong partnerships and a clear focus on innovative alternative investment and asset management solutions for institutional and qualified investors.

Within its area of business, ALTINVESTAM supports international clients with diversified investment opportunities, extensive structuring know-how, in-depth market research and data-driven advisory services out of Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Germany.

ALTINVESTAM intends to offer its customers tailor-made solutions that set high standards with a view to overall financial performance. We stand for the following three corporate principles:


Since ages groups of adventurers looking for the ultimate experience of freedom and independence were attracted by high mountains. On their path to the peak, mountaineers always had to trust each other, but could rarely depend on support from outside the squad. And just like until today most climbers still scale mountains together in strong teams but independent from anybody else, ALTINVESTAM works closely together with each client as a team in order to find the best possible solution for the client’s particular challenges and ambitions – independent of any third party interests and only in the client’s best interest in order to reach the very top together.


The way to the top entails risks and uncertainties. This holds true for a climb to the mountaintop just like for the achievement of financial aspirations. In both situations reliable partners and solid gear are the key in order to overcome all impending challenges. For ALTINVESTAM reliability and safety are an important prerequisite for success in every aspect of its daily business – internally just as externally. Therefore, clients, business partners, and employees can trust in ALTINVESTAM to deliver what is needed whenever it’s needed in order to reach the defined objectives.


Snow-covered mountains and glaciers often appear as icons of eternity and sustainability. Yet global warming has revealed their fragility and transiency in recent years. As a consequence, the solutions developed by ALTINVESTAM are not only focusing on sustained profits, risk mitigation and long-term performance, but also on the promotion of a sustainable and environmentally compatible economy. By combining financial with social and ecologic objectives ALTINVESTAM develops attractive impact investment solutions in order to contribute its share towards the preservation of nature and the development of sustainable economies.



ALTINVESTAM develops alternative investment and asset management solutions for institutional and qualified investors within the following three areas of expertise:


Investment Solutions

Next to highly specialized and bespoke solutions, ALTINVESTAM and its partners provide access to a diversified portfolio of attractive investment products focusing on absolute return strategies with passive underlyings and active overlays, impact investing, as well as real estate and infrastructure investments.

Examples for customized investment solutions:

  • Development of market neutral strategies (incl. volatility arbitrage, VIX Future Structures, theta long, statistical arbitrage or dividend spread strategies)
  • Composition of complex long-term portfolios according to ethical and sustainable investment criteria (SDG/SRI/PRI/ESG)
  • Construction of non-predictive, active and passive investment strategies (incl. core-satellite strategies, passive ETF-portfolios with dynamic risk overlays, etc.)
  • Optimization of existing investment strategies by means of structured products (incl. Multi Barrier Reverse Convertibles (MBRCs))
  • Risk management (incl. left tail risk hedging) through cost-effective derivative overlay strategies

Examples for standardized portfolio strategies:

  • Impact investing strategy, combining passive ETF-based investments (bonds and stocks) with an active absolute return strategy for an optimized risk-return profile (ESG/SRI-compliant)
  • Absolute return strategy, employing passive underlyings and active overlays combined with non-directional (market neutral) risk exposure for solid returns, and capital preservation as highest priority

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Structuring Solutions

ALTINVESTAM has long-standing experience and extensive technical knowledge in the development, setup, and servicing of tailor-made investment fund and securitization structures in Luxembourg and Liechtenstein that can be leveraged for improved risk management and the optimization of existing asset management products.

Examples for the development, setup and servicing of financial structures:

  • Development and setup of AIFs, SICAVs and UCITS (umbrella) funds according to Liechtenstein and Luxembourg Law
  • Structuring of Luxembourg SOPARFIs as SPVs, incl. consecutive securitization (compartment vehicles)
  • Compliance management and reporting support according to MiFID II, incl. preparation and drafting of KIDs and PRIP-KIDs
  • Risk management support (incl. identification, supervision and management of all key risks as well as implementation of compliance requirements)

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Research & Advisory Solutions

ALTINVESTAM offers independent research and advisory services across the whole alternative investment and asset management spectrum. State-of-the-art database infrastructure combined with powerful analytical tools allows ALTINVESTAM to provide innovative and data-driven answers for today’s most complex financial questions.

Examples for research and advisory solutions:

  • Competitor research and peer group analysis according to predefined performance indicators for various alternative investment managers
  • Advisory on the implementation of sustainable investment guidelines according to predetermined sustainability criteria (SDG/SRI/PRI/ESG)
  • Market research and analysis, due diligence analyses, and regular provision of macroeconomic market reports, fact sheets, information memoranda, etc.
  • Comparative research on alternative investment strategies incl. liquid alternatives and private equity

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ALTINVESTAM relies on a vibrant and professional ecosystem comprised of strong and reliable partners.


The continuous success of ALTINVESTAM is built upon strong partnerships with the following institutions:

Fund Administration
Portfolio Manager
Securitization Provider
Custodian, Liechtenstein
Custodian, Luxembourg
Auditor, Liechtenstein
Auditor, Luxembourg
Legal Advisor
Custodian, Liechtenstein
Stock Exchange, Luxembourg


ALTINVESTAM was founded in 2011 by Christoph U. Dethleffsen. After close collaboration for many years, Heinz A. Nemmert joined the company as partner and shareholder in 2018. Collectively, they can build upon more than 55 years of capital markets experience, a reliable professional network and vast expertise in financial structuring as well as portfolio and risk management. Both partners unites the vision of combining attractive, competitive, and risk-adjusted returns with ecological and social impact.

Christoph U. Dethleffsen
Founder & Board Member
  • 25+ years of experience in alternative investments and asset management
  • Long-standing portfolio management expertise, i.a. for an American investment boutique’s green tech long/short equity fund
  • Investment management advisor to various asset managers and family offices
  • Studies in law at Albert Ludwig’s University (Freiburg) and Ludwig-Maximilian’s University (LMU, Munich)
  • Involvement in various social impact projects as founder, partner and advisor (incl. For Society Capital, and the Institute for Society and Sustainable Business)
Heinz A. Nemmert
Partner & Board Member
  • 30+ years of capital markets experience in various leading front- and back-office roles
  • Co-founder and managing director, FMP Financial Market Partners GmbH
  • Partner and CFO, CFP Corporate Finance Partners AG
  • Business administration studies at European Business School (EBS), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), European Financial Advisor (FPA)
  • Long track record as business angel and investor across European companies

The team of experts supporting the partners has worked for some of the most reputable companies in the financial industry. Together they can leverage on vast experience and know-how within portfolio and risk management, securitization, structured products, fund administration, financial engineering and IT.

Do you aspire to become part of a small but driven team of experienced capital markets specialists? ALTINVESTAM appreciates unsolicited applications of bright and dedicated personalities. Please, get in touch if you share our vision and values!



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