We are an independent
advisory boutique based in
Liechtenstein, Luxembourg
and Germany

Who we are

ALTINVESTAM is a management owned advisory boutique with long-standing expertise and extensive structuring know-how. Based on our many years of experience in capital markets, we pass on well-developed financial competence to selected customers. As trusted partner we deliver performance and value to our clients by comprehensive investment solutions out of Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Germany.

What we do

ALTINVESTAM acts as initiator and advises clients on the setup and management of a wide variety of investment vehicles over their entire life cycle. Our exceptional core strategies are market independent. Their absolute return approach defines efficient downside risk limitations and annual target returns. These tailor-made strategies have substantial history and are continuously adjusted to achieve the best-possible results perfectly suited for our clients.

Who are our clients

The clients of ALTINVESTAM’s core strategies are professional investors and institutional financial intermediaries.Those Investors are seeking for the optimal performance with downside risk limitation. Our individually developed core strategy have proven to deliver effective downside risk management and optimal risk-adjusted performance. Given a predefined tolerance for risk, Altinvestam provides the optimal strategy or combination of strategies tailored to each investor’s needs.


We are grateful for our strong partnerships, which enables us to achieve success on a consistent basis.

ACI Suisse, Bank Frick, Bankhaus von der Heydt, CAIAC Fund Management AG, Curtis, Ernst & Young, CSC Capital Markets, European Depositary Bank, GSK Stockmann, ITSA, Luxembourg Stock Exchange, NFS Capital AG, PwC, Quirin Privatbank, Sigma Bank, Stuttgarter Börse